New Years Eve
Rome • Nuovi anni di Eve

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New Years Eve
The excitement that surrounds New Years Eve in any city is immense and Rome is no exception with plenty of public gatherings, events and spectacular firework displays taking place throughout the Eternal City.

Celebrations occur throughout the city, with many restaurants holding special pre-booked New Years Eve parties with plenty of music and dancing.

There are plenty of firework displays held at several locations including at the well known piazza del Popolo where hundreds gather for the countdown to New Years Day and for the entertainment which includes a live music concert which starts early and continues on to well after midnight, only pausing for about an hour so that revellers can enjoy a spectacular fireworks display.

Another popular venue is at the Colosseum which provides one of the most spectacular settings for a firework display and again draws in huge crowds to the area.

The whole city has New Years Eve events taking place and there are plenty of taxis available late at night to take you back your accommodation.

Travel Guide
Most of Rome is very accessible by subway services, walking or taxis: