Festa di San Giovanni

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Festa di San Giovanni
This cultural festival honours Saint Giovanni, also known as St John and features music and dance amongst the entertainment on offer.

There are plenty of food stalls offering traditional and popular cuisine which often features snails and suckling pigs amongst the most notable dishes as well as plenty of other stalls creating a lively fair atmosphere.

There is a procession often by candlelight to the San Giovanni in Laterano church and the event usually culminates with an impressive firework display.

Date Of Festa di San Giovanni
The event takes place annually on the 24th of June.

The event takes place at the San Giovanni in Laterano Church, which is east of the Colosseum.

Travel Guide
The San Giovanni subway station, Line A is approximately 200 meters away from the San Giovanni in Laterano Church. And the Porta S. Giovanni/Carlo Felice number 3 tram stops about 100 meters from the church.