Capitoline Museum
Rome • Italy

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Capitoline Museum, Rome, Italy
The Capitoline museums are a collection of art and archaeological museums. Positioned at the top of the Capitoline Hill they are set within the beautiful Piazza del Campidoglio which along with the surrounding building's were designed by Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1536.

In the centre of the square stands a magnificent equestrian statue of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. The statue of Marcus Aurelius is in fact a copy of the original, which is displayed within the Sala Marco Aurelio which is a glass covered hall within the museum and which also holds the remains of the bronze statue of Constantine The Great.

There are three buildings which surround the Piazza, the Palazzo Senatorio was built on the site of the Tabularium and is now the site of the City Hall and the Palazza dei Conservatori and the Palazzo Nuovo forming the Capitoline museums. Beneath the Piazza is a gallery which links all three buildings together and it is within this gallery that you can discover many beautiful statues and inscriptions.

The Palazzo dei Conservatori holds many Roman, Greek and Egyptian Statues. The second floor of the museum is called The Conservator's Apartment and contains elaborate interior decorations such as frescoes, stuccos and tapestries as well as beautifully carved ceilings and doors. It is on the third floor of that you will discover the Capitoline Art Gallery which contains many more stunning masterpieces.

The Palazzo Nuovo contains many Roman artifacts such as the well known marble statue of Dying Gaul, the statue of Capitoline Venus and the statue of Cupid and Psyche.

Audioguides are available in English, French, German and Spanish for a small fee.

Attraction Location Guide
The Capitoline Museum is located around 600 meters north of the Circo Massimo, in the centre of Rome.