Bridge Of Hadrian
Rome • Italy

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Bridge Of Hadrian, Rome, Italy
The Bridge of Hadrian which is also known as the Ponte Sant'Angelo, the Aelian Bridge and the Pons Aelius is a truly stunning Bridge that crosses over the River Tiber and allows passage from the Mausoleum of Hadrian to the city of Rome. The bridge is made of stone and has 5 spans or arches going across the river.

It was after the legendary visit of the Archangel Michael to the top of Hadrian's Mausoleum that the bridge takes its name. The angel is said to have placed his sword back in to his scabbard as a sign that the terrible plague that swept Rome was about to end.

On the bridge are 10 beautiful angel statues on the walkway creating a stunning bridge crossing that is one of Rome's many treasures.

Attraction Location Guide
The Bridge is located around 2 kilometers to the west of Trevi Fountain.