Arch of Titus
Rome • Italy

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Arch of Titus, Rome, Italy
The Arch of Titus (Arco di Tito)was built to commemorate the capture of Jerusalem over the Jewish Zealots and marks the entrance to the Roman Forum.

This impressive Arch which stands at over 15 meters in height was constructed after the death of Titus by his brother the Roman Emperor Domitian in around 81 AD.

The Arch was constructed in marble and travertine and contains two inscriptions and two reliefs. One of the reliefs shows Titus's capture of Jerusalem and the treasures from the Jerusalem Temple being triumphantly carried away. The other relief shows the triumphant Titus riding in a chariot pulled by four horses (Quadriga). And at the top of the Arch is a tablet with the inscription SENATVS POPVLSQVE ROMANVS DIVO TITO DIVI VESPASIANI F(ILIO) VESPASIANO AVGVSTO

The inscription on the tablet above the arch reads:

The senate and the people of Rome dedicated this Arch to the deified Titus Vespasianus Augustus son of the deified Vespasian.

The inscription originally had bronze lettering.

Attraction Location Guide
The Arch Of Titus is situated on Palatine Hill, on the highest point on the Via Sacra which is the main street of ancient Rome which runs from the Capitoline Hill through the Roman Forum and continues on to the Colosseum.