Prague Castle
Prague • Czech Republic

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Prague Castle, Prague, Czech Republic
Today Prague Castle (Prazsky hrad) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the seat of the Head Of State, but was originally used as a residence for many of the Czech monarchs over the years who each added there own style to this wonderful complex of buildings.

The Castle was originally founded in around 880 AD and made out of timber by Prince Borivoj who was of the Premyslid Dynasty. Over the years several changes to construction and design took place leaving the Castle with Roman, Gothic and Neo Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styling.

There are many areas within the Castle with sites to visit such as the Cathedral of Saint Vitus which has stunning interior chapels that are filled with colour, paintings and elaborate decorations, the Old Palace which contains an exhibition corridor, Convent and the Vladislav Hall which has a lovely interior as does the Basilica of St George which also contains a raised alter that is positioned under a dome.

The Powder Tower has a permanent exhibition with many artefacts on display detailing the history of the Castle Guards and the Prague Castle Gallery contains many fine pieces of Renaissance Art. The Spanish Hall is a magnificent space which is filled with chandeliers, statues, large arched windows, rich decorations and an elaborate ceiling.

Golden Lane is another popular area of the Castle and contains a row of houses that were built into the Castle fortification and used by the soldiers. The Royal Garden is beautifully landscaped and contains many statues, plants and trees as well as a greenhouse and folly.

There is a Changing Of The Guard ceremony which takes place every hour during the day with a flag ceremony also included at noon each day which is an immensely popular event to watch.

There is a restaurant within the grounds of the Castle as well as several cafe's and restaurants in the area.

Various classical concerts are regularly held during the evenings within the Castle.

Guided tours of the Castle are available in several different languages such as English, French, German and Italian.

Attraction Location Guide
Prague Castle is located in Castle Quarter (Hradcany) to the West of the Vltava River.