Powder Gate
Prague • Czech Republic

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Powder Gate, Prague, Czech Republic
The formidable Powder Gate (Prasna brana) was at one time an entrance gate that formed part of Prague's walled defences in Old Town, there were originally 13 Gothic gate entrances built around 1475 during the reign of King Vladislav Jagellonsky by Matej Rejsek. The combination of the King moving into Prague Castle in 1485 and the increasing growth of the City of Prague found less need for such defences and entrance gates became obsolete.

Powder Gate became a significant landmark and was used as the starting point of the Royal Route which for several centuries would see Monarchs travel under Powder Gate in order to travel onwards towards Charles Bridge which leads to St Vitus Cathedral where they would be crowned.

The Powder Gate Tower was originally called Mountain Tower but was changed after it was used as a gun powder storage hold in the 17th century.

The top of the tower is open to the public and offers wonderful views of the buildings and area that surrounds it. Also within Powder Gate is a unique photo collection by Ladislav Sitensky.

Attraction Location Guide
Powder Tower is located in Old Town next to Municipal House (Obecni Dum) and is around 650 meters to the east of Old Town Square.