Astronomical Clock
Prague • Czech Republic

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Astronomical Clock, Prague, Czech Republic
The Astronomical Clock (Prazky Orloj) is built into part of the tower of the Old Town Hall and was built around the 14th century. This amazing clock offers much astronomical information such as the positions of the sun, moon, planets, day, year, month and zodiacal constellations.

The upper clock has four fixed figures on display; a statue of a Turk, a statue symbolizing greed, a statue symbolizing vanity and a skeleton which symbolizes death; it is the Skeleton of Death which turns an hourglass and then strikes time on the hour. There are also two small doors above the clock displaying the 12 apostles which move slowly past the two doors situated above the clock.

The clock below was added later in 1870 and features a calendar which is also beautifully decorated with 4 more figures on display which represent philosophy, religion, history and astronomy.

Once the skeleton has rung time and the parade of the apostles has finished, a golden cockerel positioned above the two doors of the apostles will crow to finish the hour. There is often a large crowd gathered around the clock just before the hour is rung so it can be worth getting there a little bit earlier to get to the front of the crowd for the best view.

Attraction Location Guide
The Astronomical Clock can be found in Old Town Square in Old Town and is roughly half way between Charles Bridge and Powder Gate.