India Travel Tips

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India Religion
As a general rule avoid any discussion about religion as it is an incredibly sensitive area.

Safety Tips
As with many places around the world keep an eye on your possessions and be careful with your own personal safety.

Travel Insurance
Do not ever step foot outside of your native country without adequate travel insurance!

As a foreigner just about everyone will try and shortchange you, or increase the price to way above what it should be so be prepared, scams are also a common occurrence so be on your guard.

Indian Transport Travel Tips
The transport in India is somewhat creative at times with little notice often given to cancellations. Busses have been known to leave early, late and not at all so allow yourself plenty of time. When taking a taxi or auto rickshaw agree on a price before you get in to prevent a large fare being charged.

India Travel Bag
Pack a first aid kit and plenty of water purification tablets, especially if you are travelling to any of the more remote areas of India. Insect repellent is also strongly recommended as is plenty of sun cream and a good hat.

India Clothing and Etiquette
In order to enter many of the Mosques you will need to cover your head, legs and shoulders; you can buy head scarfs from vendors in the street or alternatively in many of the top tourist attractions there are often head scarfs freely available at the entrance.

Also the more conservatively you can dress the better... especially in rural areas, though the cities are slightly more liberal when it comes to clothing. It is also worth knowing that it is considered very rude to beckon or point to someone with your fingers.

There are private health care hospitals in many of the major cities in India such as Delhi and Mumbai and these are usually very well equipped so it is far better to use them than the state hospitals where possible.

Food and Drink Tips
India is well known for causing stomach upsets so choose the food you eat with care.

The weather between November to February is one of the most popular times to visit as the temperature is generally cooler. The hot and wet monsoon season can still be a great time to travel with plenty of festivals still going on and the waterfalls are at there most spectacular especially Jog Falls.

It is always a good idea to make as many of your travel plans and hotel bookings in advance, so that you know you will be organized when you get there. In more upmarket hotels there are usually excellent safes where you can leave any valuables.