India Travel Advice
Health • Safety

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India Travel Advice
Use your common sense when it comes to travelling in India for your health and safety, so be as prepared as possible before you go, and be respectful and understanding to the country's culture when you get there.

Health Advice
Seek advice from your physician prior to travelling to ensure that you have the correct medication and vaccinations.

India Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance is always advisable, especially due to the high cost of emergency evacuation out of India.

Safety Advice
India is like many other cities when it comes to crime so be careful of pickpockets who target crowded areas and public transport.

Travel Safety Guide
India is well known for its poorly maintained roads, inadequate road signs, erratic driving and dangerously overcrowded busses.

Terrorist Threat
There have been a number of terrorist attacks in India such as the 2008 Mumbai attack where over 170 people where killed and many more injured.