Somnath Temple
Junagadh • Gujarat • India

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Somnath Temple, India
The Somnath Temple is one of only 12 Jyotirlinga shrines to be found in India that worships the Lord Shiva and is considered to be the most sacred; even the temples name 'Somnath' means 'protector of the Moon God'.

The temple has a colorful history and was well known for its wealth and beauty, but when word of this travelled it was ransacked and destroyed and then carefully rebuilt by the people of Gujarat... this occurred on no less than 6 occasions over the course of several centuries and each time and the temple was outstandingly rebuilt. Subsequently the temple is now also known as the 'Shrine Eternal'.

Somnatn Temple is wonderfully positioned facing the Arabian Sea and features superb stone carved pillars and architecture and has become an important site for Hindu pilgrims.

Attraction Location Guide
The Somnath Temple is located in the district of Junagadh in the state of Gujarat, around 5 kilometers away from Veraval.