North Eastern India
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North Eastern India
This is one of the most remote areas of India that contains seven states, beautiful scenery and the Tea Gardens.

Arunachal Pradesh
Well known for its superb mountainous landscapes and natural beauty. The town of Tawang contains the Buddhist Tawang Monastery which is an important holy site and is positioned close to the Tibetan border. The Sela Lake which is close to Bomdila also has religious significance. A Inner Line Permit is required to visit certain areas of Arunachal Pradesh.

Assam's largest city is Guwahati which contains several temples of interest notably the Kamakhya Temple, the Umananda Temple and the Madan Kamdev Temple. Assam also contains the Kaziranga and Manas national parks are World Heritage Sites and amongst the many flora and fauna you will also find the One Horned Rhinoceros.

Manipur is a very attractive place to visit and also has several attractions such as the Shree Shree Govindajee Temple, the Loktak Lake, Sendra Island and Keibul Lamjao National Park.

Beautifully set amongst the unspoiled forests and high plateaus Meghalaya features several many caves, stunning waterfalls notably Elephant Falls and Suna Falls, as well as plenty of green vegetation, Wards Lake which has a unique garden surrounding it and the capital city Shillong which has several churches and cathedrals.

A wonderful area of lush green valleys, rivers, hills and mountains which are abundant in both flora and fauna. Animals such as deer, elephants and tigers can be seen within the Dampa Sanctuary.

Nagaland is well known for its spectacular array of flora and fauna which is best seen within the Intanki Wildlife Sanctuary and the Fakim Wildlife Sanctuary. The area is also well known for its hand made goods such as bags and shawls and for the Hornbill Festival that takes place in December. You will need a Restricted Area Permit to enter Nagaland.

A wonderful area that is full of valleys and hill tops that is again filled with wildlife sanctuaries, rivers, lakes such as Dumboor Lake and several Buddhist Temples such as can be found at Udaipur. The quality of handicrafts is also very good in Tripura especially with regards to items made out of Bamboo.