Mysore Palace

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Mysore Palace, India
Mysore Palace is also known as the Maharajah's palace and is beautifully designed both inside and out with intricate detailing and superb architecture, leaving the palace standing tall and dominating the surrounding area.

The palace was built by the Indian royal dynasty Wodeyar who ruled Mysore from 1399 to 1947. The palace itself was designed by B.P.Raghavulu Naidu and completed in 1912.

The palace architecture features several towers that have been topped with domes with one of the most impressive domes being gold plated and standing the tallest at 145 feet.

The palace's museum has several important areas such as very well decorated Temples and Halls such as the Wedding Public Hall and an Armory which contain many splendid artefacts such as paintings, weapons, jewelry and clothing as well as a superb collection of gold pieces.

The palace is wonderfully illuminated most Sunday evenings which provides an even more impressive sight of the palace.

Attraction Location Guide
The Palace is located in the center of the city of Mysore.