Modhera Sun Temple

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Modhera Sun Temple, India
The Modhera Sun Temple was originally built in 1026 AD by Raja Bhimdev and is dedicated to the Hindu Sun God, Lord Surya.

The Sun Temple has several areas of interest such as the Surya Kund which is a very large decorated tank which has steps leading down to the bottom with several shrines situated all around the edge, the base would have contained pure water which was used before worshiping the the Sun God Surya.

Another area of interest is the Sabha Mandap which is a hall used for gatherings and which contains several ornately carved stone pillars depicting religious scenes.

The main temple was also known as the Sanctum Sanctorum and was beautifully designed to allow the suns rays on the day of Equinox to fall on the idol that was positioned inside.

The Modhera Sun Temple is the location of the Modhera Dance Festival which takes place at the complex annually during the month of January.

Attraction Location Guide
The temple is located near to the river Pushpavati in Modhera, India.