Mahabodhi Temple

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Mahabodhi Temple, India
The Mahabodhi Temple, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a very impressive Buddhist temple that has become a popular pilgrimage site for both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims as it positioned on the site where Buddha attained enlightenment while sat under the Bodhi Tree.

The temple dates from around the 3rd century onwards and is shaped like a pyramid with the central tower reaching up to around 55 meters and which also has intricate carvings on its exterior.

Inside there is an incredibly large image of a seated Buddha who's right hand reaches down to touch the earth. It is made of black stone that has been covered in gold and is draped with orange robes.

Sited next to the temple is the sacred Bodhi Tree which has a small temple situated next to it on the spot where Buddha stood for a whole week after his Enlightenment. Also within the grounds there are several stupas that have been intricately carved as well as many other statues of Buddha that have been positioned around the grounds.

Attraction Location Guide
The temple is located in Bodh Gaya around 60 miles from Patna in the state of Bihar, India.