Konark Temple

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Konark Temple, India
The magnificently carved Temple is also known as the Black Pagoda and the Konark Sun Temple was built around the 13th century by King Narasimha Deva and is listed as a World Heritage Site and one of The Seven Wonders Of India.

The Temple has detailed stone carvings throughout and is wonderfully designed to look a chariot of the sun god Surya, which has 24 intricately carved wheels made out of stone that were being pulled along by seven stone horses.

Other aspects of the temple include two carved lions at either side of the entrance that crushingly sit over two war elephants, there is also a detailed stone statue of the sun god Surya that is positioned at the side of the temple and several other carved statues of humans and animals. There are intricate carvings to be found on just about every surface with a wide range of subject matter such as animals and deities.

Although parts of the temple are now in ruin much still remains and the temples main audience hall is still very much intact and a good part of the dancing hall and dining hall remain.

Attraction Location Guide
The temple is located around 35 kilometers to the east of Puri in the state of Orissa, India.

There is a dance festival held at Konark Sun Temple in December, where one of India's oldest dances the Odissi can be seen and which originates from Orissa.