Khajuraho Temples

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Khajuraho Temples, India
The Khajuraho Temples are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and are a vast collection of around 20 Hindu and Jain Temples and structures that were built sometime between 950 and 1150 CE.

The buildings were made out of sandstone and intricately carved both inside and out with several statues and columns carved showing scenes of an erotic nature. The stones that form the monuments were carefully put together using mortise and tenon joints.

The Temples can be placed into three groups of Southern, Eastern and Western. It is the Western Temples which contain the Lakhmana Temple and the Kandariya Mahadeo Temple which is the largest temple on site and also the most impressive of the Temple's of Khajuraho. It offers some of the most ornate and complete carvings, and contains several small spires all over the structure and inside the temple is a linga that is made out of marble and representing Shiva.

The Lakhmana Temple also offers some excellent carvings and is thought to be the oldest of the temples at the site. The whole complex is surrounded by wonderful green lawns, trees and shrubs.

Attraction Location Guide
The Khajuraho temples are located in the Chhatapur district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India.

There is a sound and light show held regularly which gives a great insight into the history and construction of these superb structures, the show takes place at the Western group of temples. There is also the Khajuraho Dance Festival which takes place annually in front of the Chitragupta Temple, usually towards the end of February.