Keshava Temple

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Keshava Temple, India
The Kesheva Temple was built in 1268 by General Somanatha Dandanayaka and is a remarkable piece of craftsmanship that has been well preserved throughout.

This wonderfully carved Temple dates back to the Hoysala dynasty and within its main Hall there are shrines to Keshava, Janarhana and Venugolpala which are positioned to the south, north and west of the temples main hall.

The Temple is incredibly symmetrical and stands on a raised platform in the center of a courtyard that has a small flight of stairs that lead you into the main hall of the temple.

The Temple contains many detailed carvings and sculptures both on the interior and exterior of the temple, depicting Vishnu, Mahishasura and Saraswati as well as several elephant statues that appear to hold up the Temple. Just about every inch of the Temple has been carved upon in an elaborate and detailed manor.

Attraction Location Guide
The Keshava Temple is located in the city of Mysore within the state of Karnataka in southern India.