Himalayan Foothills
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Himalayan Foothills
The Himalayan North borders with China and contains many important religious sites and shrines and spectacular mountain ranges and scenery.

Jammu and Kashmir
There are several important shrines located in the Jammu area which attract huge numbers of both Hindu and Muslim pilgrims into the area. The Kashmir Valley sits between the Himalayan Mountain range and impressive Pir Panjal mountain range and its natural beauty cannot fail to impress with attractions such as Dal Lake and the Amarnath Temple.

Himachal Pradesh
A stunning area of natural beauty containing several lakes and rivers, mountain tops and green valleys and meadows. The area has several Hindu Temples, old forts and colourful locals and is a popular area for fishing, trekking, mountain climbing and skiing.

This is a beautiful mountainous region that is covered with forests and and open meadows and which form several of India's protected National Parks which includes the well popular Corbett National Park, known for its Bengal Tiger population.