Golden Temple
Amristar • India

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Golden Temple in Amristar, India
The magnificent Golden Temple is also known as the Harmandir Sahib Gurdwara or the Darbar Sahib and is a sacred site and pilgrimage destination for Sikhs, and one of the most spiritual places to be found in India.

The temple complex was founded by Guru Ram Das who was the fourth Guru of Sikhs and completed in 1601 AD. The temple remains active and open to all with many areas of interest throughout.

The Golden Temple is totally surrounded by water and is accessed via Guru's Bridge which leads serenely to the temple. What makes the temple so superb is that the lower portion of the temple is made out of marble and the upper portion of the temple is plated with gilded copper and features a superb and elaborate central golden dome.

Inside the temple is held the Guru Granth Sahib which is a holy scripture of Sikhism and which is placed beneath a jewelled canopy. The first floor of the temple has several mirrors positioned on the walls and ceiling and the Central Sikh Museum houses some unique paintings and artefacts gathered throughout the various centuries.

Attraction Location Guide
The Golden Temple is located in the district of Amristar in the Majha area of Punjab, India.

You will need to cover your head with a bandanna which are available for free at the entrance and also remove your shoes and leave them stored at the entrance, then before entering you will also need to wash your feet.