Thrissur Pooram
Kerala • India

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Thrissur Pooram
This unique temple festival is also known as the festival of festivals and is famous for the beautifully decorated elephants who form a large line standing side by side in front of the Vadakkumnathan Temple.

The festival dates back to the reign of Sakthan Thampuran in around 1798 as a mass celebration to allow all the surrounding temples in Kerala one venue to celebrate Thrissur Pooram and show their respect to the deity Shiva.

During the event which lasts for around 36 hours there is plenty of music and chanting alongside the unique and well timed performance that takes place from on top of the elephants which are adorned with bells around their legs and colourful golden headdresses that covers their forehead and part of their trunk. Brightly clothed participants stand up on the backs of the elephants and in sequence lift up among other things several coloured and beautifully decorated parasols.

There are often well over 60 elephants taking part in the long procession to the event with different displays performed by the participating neighboring temples from Kerala with each display containing 15 elephants. The festival also features an impressive fireworks display and is attended by thousands of rejoicing spectators regardless of religion or caste.

Date Of Thrissur Pooram
The festival takes place during the month of Medam of the malayalam calendar which is between the middle of April to the middle May and lasts for about 36 hours often starting early in the morning at around 6am and finishing about noon the following day.

The event takes place within the city of Thrissur, Kerala around the grounds of Thekkinkadu Maidan which is also the home of the Vadakkumnathan Shiva Temple.

Travel Guide
The city of Thrissur has connections to many other cities and can be easily reached by train from Chennai, New Delhi and Mumbai, alternatively you can travel to the city by bus.