Rath Yatra Festival
Puri • India

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Rath Yatra Festival
The Rath Yatra is a fascinating religious festival that is particularly extravagant within the city of Puri and famous for the three beautifully decorated chariots which make a procession through the streets surrounded by thousands of faithful followers.

There are three chariots, one for Lord Jagannath, his brother Balabhandra and their sister Subhadra which travel from the Jagannath Temple to their aunts home at Gundicha Temple where they remain for seven days before returning adorned with stunning golden ornaments.

The enormous chariots are carefully made to resemble temples with the chariot of Lord Jagannath's the largest of the three. Each chariot is pulled along by hundreds of devotee's which can prove dangerous at times due to the shear numbers of people crowding around the chariots.

This unique procession is accompanied by the sounds of drums and the journey of these chariots provides the chance for those not normally permitted into the Jagannath Temple to witness the idol of Lord Jagannath and take part in this vast community celebration.

Date Of Rath Yatra Festival
The Rath Yatra festival often takes place annually in June/July, traditionally on the second day of the waxing moon cycle of the month Ashadh which is the 4th month of the lunar calendar and runs from June 22nd to July 22nd.

The festival takes place within the city of Puri which is in the state of Orissa in east India.

Travel Guide
The city of Puri can be reached by train or bus, alternatively you can travel by plane to Bhubaneswar Airport which is about 35 miles north of Puri and then travel on in from there.