Pushkar Fair
Rajasthan • India

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Pushkar Fair
The Pushkar Fair is a vibrant affair combining a variety of events that range from the vast cattle fair and camel racing to the popular turban tying competition.

The cattle fair accommodates simply hundreds of camels, goats and cows which come to the fair to be both bought and sold and to take part in some superb competitions which often include exhilarating camel racing, camel showing, camel dancing and even camel beauty pageants.

The event has plenty of stalls with a wide range of products such as handicrafts, rugs, clothing and jewelry on offer as well as no shortage of traditional food and drink.

There is plenty of traditional live music and dancing during the festival with energetic performances by locals during the fair as well as acrobatic entertainment and drama reenactments, as well as the popular crowd pleaser, the longest moustache competition.

Many pilgrims also visit Pushkar during the festival to absolve their sins and receive blessings by bathing in the Holy waters of Pushkar's lake.

Date Of Pushkar Fair
The Pushkar Fair takes place annually for around five days with the date changing each year according to the lunar calendar, with the fair taking place on Purnima, the full moon night within the month of Kartika which is October/November.

The event takes place around Pushkar Lake, Pushkar within the state of Rajasthan.

Travel Guide
Pushkar can be reached via train to Pushkar Railway Station which has connections with many others cities, alternatively you can travel by bus or take a plane to Jaipur International Airport (JAI) which is around 90 miles east of Pushkar and travel on by train or bus.