Krishna Janmashtami
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Krishna Janmashtami
The religious Hindu festival, Krishna Janmashtami is in celebration of the birth of Krishna, which is widely honoured throughout India with slight differences in the celebrations that take place depending on the region.

In some areas the event known as uriadi takes place which celebrates Krishna's mischievous side and involves the task of breaking a high hanging clay pot which are often filled with coconut milk or buttermilk and are carefully hung up often around 30 feet off the ground at several locations within the city. Teams of men them form a human pyramid enabling the man or boy at the top of the pyramid to break the clay pot and thus spill its contents over the whole team as a great symbol of team work and achievement.

In other areas you will find dramatic reenactments of the life of Krishna, as well as narratives about his life and offerings of sweets are also given to idols of Krishner.

During the festival there are also religious ceremonies and prayer in honour of Krishner and you will often find religious chanting, dancing and even fasting also often taking place during this time.

Date Of Krishna Janmashtami
The festival takes place eight days after the Raksha Bandhan celebration which is held on the full moon during the month of Shravana which is August/September time.

Celebrations take place throughout India with the uraidi event being particularly enthusiastic within Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Mumbai and Pune.

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