Jaisalmer Desert Festival
Rajasthan • India

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Jaisalmer Desert Festival
This colourful festival brings together the rich culture of the area and features numerous events from music and dance to the ever popular who has got the longest moustache competition.

The traditional folk music and dancing offers a unique insight into Rajasthan's rich heritage with beautiful costumes complementing the singing, storytelling re-enactments and musical performances.

During the festival there are fascinating turban or pagri tying competitions and the amazing longest moustache competition. One of the many highlights of the desert festival are the Fire Dancers who amazingly twirl and dance on the spot while balancing fire.

There is plenty of other entertainment which often includes acrobatic stunts, snake charmers and several camel events from camel racing to camel polo.

Date Of Jaisalmer Desert Festival
This popular event is often held annually towards the beginning of February and lasts for three days.

The festival takes place around Jaisalmer in Rajasthan which is located close to the Thar Desert.

Travel Guide
Rajasthan can be easily reached by bus from Jodhpur and Jaipur.