International Yoga Festival
Uttarakhand • India

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International Yoga Festival
This incredible event takes place in no better place than within the dramatic Himalayas where world class yoga masters from around the world give yoga sessions, discussions and lectures as part of the event.

The festival is set within the beautifully kept grounds of Parmath Niketan, a spiritual haven which lies next to the Ganga River surrounded by lush green hills and impressive mountains providing a rejuvenating and unique experience for the mind, body and the soul.

During the festival there are several instructional yoga classes held throughout each day that cover many different styles of yoga and meditation with all abilities of yoga welcomed. There are also informative lectures held by well known teachers, providing you with an even greater understanding of this ancient practice.

The annual yoga festival often takes place towards the beginning of March and lasts for around a week.

The event takes place at Parmath Niketan, Rishikesh which lies next to the Ganga river approximately 20 miles beyond Haridwar in Uttarakhand.

Travel There
You can travel there directly by car or taxi or alternatively take the train to Haridwar and travel on in by bus, car or taxi from there. Once in Rishikesh you'll find Parmath Niketan is on the eastern side of the river and can be accessed by either walking over a footbridge across the river or by using the ferry crossing.