Indian Derby Weekend
Mumbai • India

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Indian Derby Weekend
The Indian Derby Weekend is one of Mumbai's most prestigious and lucrative events which attracts thousands of spectators who come to enjoy quality horse racing at Mumbai's well known Racetrack.

The venue at Mahalamaxi Racecourse was first opened in 1883 is set within a vast 225 acres of land and offers plenty of viewing areas for spectators during the event with the Paddock Parade area being a particularly popular place for viewing the beautifully groomed and presented horses as well as their jockeys.

Along with the elegant horses there is also other entertainment during the event which often includes live music performances and the energetic Salsa dancing displays which both add to the fun and enjoyment of this popular event.

The Derby weekend takes place annually during February, often on the first Sunday of the month.

The Derby takes place at Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai which is located at Keshav Rao Khadye Marg, Mahalakshmi, Mumbai.

Travel Guide
The Racecourse is easily accessible and there are plenty of busses running to the Race Course area.