Holi Festival

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Holi Festival
This unique religious festival is widely celebrated throughout India especially by Hindus and is also known as the festival of colours. The festival is most well known for featuring the throwing of coloured water, paint or powder at one another and importantly marks out the beginning of spring and a celebration to life itself.

The singing of Holi songs is all part of the entertainment as is the lighting of bonfires which is used to warn off evil spirits and relates to one of the Holi festivals most well known legends where good triumphs over evil.

As legend has it the evil King Hiranyakashyap had tried to kill his son Prahalad on several occasions for being a devoted follower of the god Vishnu. So the Kings sister Holika who had previously been given a gift from the Gods of being able to enter fire without being burnt carried Prahalad into a fire to be killed. However Prahalad prayed to Vishnu to be saved and his prayers were answered, Holika, however was burnt to death as the special powers she had been given vanished because she was using them for evil.

During the festival you will find plenty of live music and dancing and no shortage of colour where getting covered in coloured water, powder and paint is considered all part of the fun and can be enjoyed by everyone, just don't go out in your Sunday best!

The event often takes place towards the end of February or early March on the last full moon of the lunar month Phalguna and typically lasts for two days.

The Holi Festival is celebrated throughout India.

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