Diwali Festival
Festival Of Lights • India

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Diwali Festival
The Diwali Festival (Dipawali Festival) is also known as the festival of lights and is a celebration of good triumphing over evil as well as greater knowledge over ignorance.

There are various different legends that accompany Diwali Festival depending on the region, one of the most well known legends is that of Lord Rama who returned home at Ayodhya after some time he had spent away rescuing his wife Sita who had been taken by the demon known as Ravana, to help Lord Rama and Sita find their way home lamps were lit to show them the way and it is this tradition of lighting candles and oil lamps that still continues today as a way of symbolizing the victory of good over evil.

Another custom within many households is to make sure that your home is spotlessly clean to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi who is known to bring wealth and prosperity to all the homes she visits. It is customary to make a rangoli, a pattern made up of flowers which is often the shape of a lotus flower due to its association with Lakshmi and to also lavishly decorate your home with lights.

Gifts of new clothes, jewelry and sweets also form a big part of the festival with families and friends often getting together during the festival along with visiting their local temple for worship. There are often different events often taking place on each of the five days of the festival one of which often includes an impressive fireworks display.

Date Of Diwali Festival
The annual five day Diwali Festival is celebrated around the full moon that occurs during the Hindu months of Ashwin and Kartika, which corresponds with October/November time.

The Diwali festival is widely celebrated throughout India and in other parts of the world as well.

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