Chennai Music and Dance Festival
Tamil Nadu • India

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See also: Mahabalipuram

Chennai Music and Dance Festival
This immensely popular festival features superb performances from both well known and up and coming artists and showcases the very best in classical Indian music and dance.

Several venues are used throughout the course of the event ranging from large auditoriums to smaller more intimate gatherings in halls, as well as in other dramatic settings such as the Shore Temple at Mahabalipuram which provides a particularly impressive backdrop.

There are solo and group performances by well known professionals and amateurs alike with vocal, dance, drama and instrumental performances on offer which along with with a wide range of age groups taking part and colourful traditional dress provides a very unique festival in celebration of Indian music and dance.

The festival often takes place between the months of December and January and lasts for several weeks.

The event takes place within the capital city of Chennai and surrounding Tamil Nadu area, India.

Travel Guide
The city of Chennai has links to many other cities throughout India and can be accessed via airplane to the Chennai International Airport, by train to Chennai Station and by bus or car.