Buddha Purnima Celebration

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Buddha Purnima
The Buddha Purnima is a celebration marking the birth of Lord Buddha in 563 BC who was the founder and teacher of the Buddhist faith and also his enlightenment and death which all happened on the same day.

The festival is widely honoured throughout India during the Hindu month of Vaisakh, in some areas there are street processions where the image of Buddha is beautifully decorated and proudly carried around the streets surrounded by devout followers.

It is also common for followers to visit Buddhist Temples which are often richly decorated with flowers and other offerings and whilst there meditate and attend readings from Buddhist scriptures. The lighting of candles and lamps that surround statues of Buddha are also common occurrences on this day.

Followers will often wear only white clothing on this day and many will gather together for group meditation

Buddha Purnima falls annually on the full moon date of the month Vaisakh which falls around the months of April and May.

The festival is celebrated throughout the many different Buddhist Temples found within India, although the Mahabodhi Temple with the Bodhi Tree is particularly significant.

Travel Guide
The Mahabodhi Temple can be reached via railway to Gaya Station which is around 8 miles away, alternatively Gaya Airport is about 4 miles away both the airport and train station have links to other major cities. And there are also reasonably frequent bus services running to the area.