Autumn Festival
Meghalaya • India

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Autumn Festival
The Autumn Festival is wonderful event that showcases some of the very best cultural elements from the various regions of Meghalaya and is enjoyed by both the local inhabitants and visitors alike.

During the street carnival there are often cultural parades that show off the traditional costumes from the regions of Meghalaya as well as the popular beauty pageants. Other events often include flower and fashion shows as well as plenty of stalls around selling everything from traditional food and drink to handicrafts of the region.

Activities such as kite flying and sporting events combined with plenty of live music from both regional and international artists along with traditional dancing provide a visually pleasing and lively event.

Date Of The Autumn Festival
The festival is celebrated annually around October/November time and usually lasts for 3 days.

The Autumn Festival is held throughout Meghalaya which is situated in the North East of India with many events taking place within the city of Shillong.

Travel Guide
Travel to this area can be achieved through busses or shared taxis, alternatively you could travel by plane direct to Shillong which is 65 miles east of Meghalaya or travel in by train to Guwati which is about 100 miles north of Meghalaya and then continue on in by road from there.