East Coast and the Bay of Bengal
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East Coast And The Bay Of Bengal Travel Guide
A fairly quiet, rural and religious region of India that is filled with splendid temples.

There are several wildlife sanctuaries and parks throughout Chhattisgarh that offer great opportunities to view wild animals such as Deer and Buffalo in their natural habitat and surrounded by forests and green valleys. There are also plenty of Temples and ancient monuments such as those found in the beautiful town of Bhoramdeo.

Orissa is situated along the coastline and is well known for its popular beach at Puri which is also close to the Jagannath Temple. Orissa also contains forests and lovely waterfalls as well as plenty of wildlife as can be seen at the Chilika bird sanctuary and Simlopal National Park. Orissa has several beautiful sites of interest such as the Sun Temple at Konark and the Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves.

Positioned amidst the valleys and mountain peaks Sikkim is a stunning place to visit. Visitors who wish to explore this incredible place will be required to obtain a Inner Line Permit from the tourism office and have a Restricted Area Permit in order to gain access to certain areas around Sikkim. The Rumtek Monastery and Khecheoling Lake are well worth a visit.

Jharkhand has plenty of wildlife and a great deal of natural beauty and such as lush green valleys, rivers and waterfalls such as the stunning Dasham Falls just outside Ranchi which is Jharkhand capital city.

West Bengal
A beautiful area that is known for its Mangrove filled jungle forest and the Bengal Tiger. Sites of interest include the Ramakrishna Belur Math Temple which is in Howrah.

Sites of interest include the Tipu Sultan Mosque, the impressive Victoria Memorial and situated on the bank of the river Hooghly is the Dakshineswar Temple.