Deserts Of The Central Deccan Plateau

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Deserts of the Central Deccan Plateau
Large natural areas cover the Deccan Plateau which is rich in flora and fauna and has several parks within it such as the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh and Bandhavgarh National Park and features the Godavari River and covers regions such as Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh with important sites such as the

Madhya Pradesh
Rich in culture and filled with temples such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site called Khajuraho, monasteries and handicrafts as well as stunning scenery and the tiger filled Bandhavgarh National Park which due to their fantastically high numbers you may well see.

This is a vast area that features a varied and beautiful landscape as well as plenty of historic sites and attractions such as the Ajanta Caves which still contain paintings and carvings. Another site of interest are the Elephanta Caves are beautifully sculpted throughout and are a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Karnataka is filled with monuments, palaces and temples such as the Gol Gumbaz Mausoleum, the Keshava Temple and Mysore Palace, the area also features spectacular beaches, forests, valleys and the impressive Jog Falls which also goes by the name of Gerusoppe Falls.

Andhra Pradesh
Filled with the energetic city of Hyderabad, beautiful valleys, superb stretches of beaches and attractions such as the Borra Caves which are well known for their stalactite and stalagmite collection, the Tirumala Venkateswara Temple, the Birla Mandir Temple and the Ramappa Temple, Andhra Pradesh has plenty to offer.