Tughlaqabad Fort
Delhi • India

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Tughlaqabad Fort, Delhi, India
The Tughlaqabad Fort covers an area of around 6.5 kilometers and was built by Ghiyath ud-din Tughlaq in around 1321 as a defensive stronghold for his city against the Mongols.

The fort sits on top of a rocky hill and is now largely a collection of ruins containing several structures such as gateways, arched passageway's, circular towers, stairs and various walls that are still all very visible.

There is also a red sandstone mausoleum which has a white marble dome on top and is where Ghiyath ud-din Tughlaq resting place is. The fort also had an underground passage that led to Old Delhi.

During the Forts construction Ghiyath ud-din Tughlaq had an unfortunate disagreement with a saint who had been working on a shrine nearby, the cause of the disagreement was when all of the saints labourers where forced to stop working on the shrine to go and work on Tughlaqabad fort and so the saint subsequently placed a curse on the fort and it was not long after that, that Ghiyath ud-din Tughlaq died and the fort started to fall into disrepair.

Attraction Location Guide
The Tughlaqabad Fort is located around 20 kilometers to the south east of New Delhi.