Tomb of Safdarjung
Delhi • India

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Tomb of Safdarjung, Delhi, India
The Tomb of Safdarjung was built in 1753 by Nawab Shujauddaula for his father Safdarjung who was the chief minister to the Mughal Emperor Muhammad Shah (who reigned between 1719 to 1748).

The tomb is made of red sandstone, marble and buff sand stone and has a magnificent marble dome centrally placed above the tomb which has intricate ceiling decorations upon it. The tomb has a well decorated facade with minarets positioned at each corner of the tomb with each tower beautifully decorated and containing its own arched doorways that lead out onto balconies which have lovely views of the surrounding garden.

Safdarjung's tomb is set within a Mughal Garden which contains beautiful green lawns , flowers, palm trees and 4 water canals which lead towards each side of the tomb.

The office of the Archaeological Survey of India can also be found within Safdarjung's Tomb.

Attraction Location Guide
The Tomb of Safdarjung is around 3 kilometers to the south west of India Gate within New Delhi.