The National Rail Museum
Delhi • India

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National Rail Museum, Delhi, India
The National Rail Museum is a wonderful collection of locomotives and carriages which are very well preserved and displayed out in an open area that covers around 10 acres of land.

The museum has been full of rail history and memorabilia since its beginnings in 1977. Trains on display include the very well maintained Fairy Queen Train which was built in 1855 and which holds a World Record for being the oldest working engine in the world. The Maharaga of Mysore's Carriage is another beautifully preserved example that is on display at the rail museum, the carriage has a wonderful interior with an amazing rosewood bed that has been lavishly decorated. Also on display are the Viceregal Dining Car which was built in 1889 and The Prince of Wales Saloon was built in 1875.

The Indoor Gallery forms part of the museum and is split into nine sections giving detailed information on the history and development of trains and the rail system in India. There are a variety of interior displays which include a selection of working and still models, various instruments, crockery and furniture that were used over the years, some fascinating photographs and also a large screen for watching informative videos. There is also a souvenir shop and cafeteria within the museum.

Attraction Location Guide
The museum is situated next to the Butanese Embassy in the south west of new Delhi.