Delhi Festivals and Events
2016-2017 • India

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Delhi, India Festivals and Events
Delhi has many festivals held throughout the year each with its own cultural and religious celebrations.

Lohri Festival
The Lohri festival is held in the middle of January and celebrates the end of winter, the people of Delhi celebrate with much singing and dancing around bonfires, which are used to worship fire and this takes place all over the city in celebration, there is also plenty of traditional food... more about Lohri Festival

Republic Day
On the 26th of January in 1950 India became a republic and this date is celebrated each year with an amazing military parade in which the President of India attends and addresses the nation. The parade starts at the /Presidents Palace and passes by India Gate and ends up at Red Fort. There are soldiers on horseback and on foot taking part in the march who are dressed in their formal uniform and are accompanied by the marching band. Following behind the military parade are parades of adults and children from different states of the country often elaborately dressed up and dancing merrily with floats wonderfully decorated... more about Republic Day

Mango Festival
Each year in July Delhi holds the Mango festival where you will discover hundreds of varieties of Mango's. There is mango tasting, mango viewing, mango competitions and even mango carving as well as loads of mango related products and recipes. The festival takes place at the Talkatora stadium and is hugely popular... more about the Mango Festival

The Festival of Flower Sellers
The Festival of Flower Sellers or Phoolwalon-ki-Sair is celebrated around October time after the monsoon season has ended and is where tributes of flowers are taken to both the Temple of Jog Maya and to the tomb of the saint Bakhityar Kaki... more about the Festival Of Flower Sellers