Connaught Place
Delhi • India

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Connaught Place, Delhi, India
This is the central business district of New Delhi and is the location of many of Delhi's top financial and commercial firms.

Connaught Place was named after the Duke of Connaught although the area has since been renamed Rajeev Chowk after the late Rajiv Gandhi who was the Indian Prime minister.

Connaught Place also has several restaurants with a wide selection of food and drinks available. In the very centre of Connaught Place you will discover Central Park which has a ring road called Rajiv Chowk all around it and then several roads that lead of outwards from it much like a wheel or spiders web for two tiers until it reaches Connaught Circus road which again encompasses the district.

Location Guide
The centre of Connaught Place is just under 2 miles from India Gate within New Delhi.