Jim Corbett National Park • India
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Corbett National Park, India
The Jim Corbett National Park is named after Colonel Jim Corbett who was born in 1875 and in his later years played an important role in wildlife conservation in India and was well known for his jungle skills and for his abilities to kill dangerous man eating Tigers.

The Park was formed in 1936 and is well known as the oldest national Park in India, being originally called Hailey National Park. The park also took part in the launching of Project Tiger in 1973 with the aim of protecting the endangered Bengal Tiger which it still continues to do.

The Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best places to view tigers in the wild as well as other animals such as deer, leopards, otters, elephants, crocodiles, chital, sambar, wild boar, Indian Python and several hundred species of birds.

Location Guide
The park is located in the Nainital district within the state of Utterakhand, in the northern part of India