Red Fort of Agra (Fort Rouge, Lal Qila) India

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Red Fort Agra, India
The Agra Fort (also known as the 'Red Fort of Agra', 'Fort Rouge' from the French, and Lal Qila) is essentially a walled city and the most significant fort in India, being used many times as a head quarters for running the old northern empires as far back as around 1000 AD.

The original brick fort was known as Badalgarh but was in ruins by the 16th Century when the Mughal ruler Akbar made it his capital and had it rebuilt in red sandstone, hence its name the Red Fort.

The Agra Fort was an incredible size at around 94 acres and had high walls that reached up to 70 feet, built on the banks of the Yamuna River goods could easily be transported to the fort.

It was during the reign of Shah Jahan who was Akbars grandson that the fort's interior changed with many structures made out of marble being built; one such area being the Musamman Burj which is the palace where Shah Jahan was kept prisoner by his son Aurangzeb and which contains a marble tower, fountain and verandah offering spectacular views of the Taj Mahal which he had built for his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal.

Other important structures include the Pearl Mosque (Moti Masjid) which is known for its stunning white marble interior.

The Hall of Public Audience (Diwan-i-Am) is an enormous beautifully decorated hall that would have been used by both the public and the nobles and contains a stunning arcade of carved arches with the interior made out of marble.

There is also the Marble Palace (Khas Mahal) which was built for Shah Jehan favorite daughters and features a richly decorated interior with identical pavilions built for each sister.

Delhi Gate is beautifully ornate and features two impressive bastions on either side of the gate and was inlaid with marble and has a wooden drawbridge that was lowered over the outer moat to gain access into the fort. On entering through Delhi Gate there was a second security gate which had two stone elephants standing on either side which would have been an impressive entrance to Agra Fort.

Attraction Location Guide
Agra Fort is located in the district of Agra in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.