Lemaire Channel 'Kodak Gap'

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Lemaire Channel
The Lemaire Channel is one of the most visited areas, due, quite simply to its outstanding natural beauty and is appropriately also known as the 'Kodak Gap' due to its incredibly photogenic nature.

The Lemaire Channel was first explored during the 1898 expedition by De Gerlache, a Belgian and is an inspiring waterway that has the sharp dramatic cliffs of the Peninsula on one side and Booth Island on the other side. The Channel itself leads towards Petermann Island which is well known for its vast Adelie penguin colony.

De Gerlache named the channel after a Belgian who explored areas of the Congo, known as Charles Lemaire.

On a clear day the reflections of the mountains in the water is outstanding, as is the shear scale of the cliffs towering above. The channel can become blocked with ice burgs and excessive ice at times preventing boats from passing straight through the narrow channel, instead forcing them to go around Booth Island.