Enterprise Island

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Enterprise Island
It was Adrian de Gerlache who discovered Enterprise island which is also known as Isla Lientur and North Nansen Island during the Belgian Antarctic Expedition of 1897-1899.

The island became popular with whalers during the early 1900's and it is here that you will find the wreck of a Norwegian whaling ship called the Governoren that was ran aground here deliberately by the crew after a fire onboard became out of control, all the crew thankfully survived and the boat now sits half submerged as a historic reminder.

The island is frequently visited not only for its dramatic coastline and shear natural beauty of surrounding mountains but also for the ice burgs, shags, antarctic tern's, humpbacked whales and leopard and crab eater seals the latter of which can often be seen lying around on the odd ice burg that casually floats by.

The island is located in Wilhelmina Bay, just off to the west of the Antarctic Peninsula.