Deception Island

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Deception Island • Antarctica Travel Guide
This active volcano is one of the Southern Shetland Islands off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, and long since it blew its top, the caldera in its centre has flooded with sea water enabling ships to sail into the crater itself. With just a narrow entrance, this has provided a safe haven from the stormy Southern Ocean for many a vessel.

Deception Volcano
The main volcanic extrusion above the waterline is around seven miles across, forming a horseshoe around the flooded centre, the volcano having last had a major eruption in 1969.

Fumarole Micro-Climates
The steaming fumaroles on the island can create areas which are much warmer (bathing suit warm) than the nearby surrounds. Travellers are fond of taking a warm dip here, and sometimes going from a warm pool to the icy sea.

The warming nature of the volcanic activity and the caldera make for some unique aspects to the flora and fauna of the island. Most notably: