Antarctica Cruises

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Antarctica Cruises
Taking a cruise is the only common commercially available method of travel to the Antarctic regions. This is excellent for those who like to travel by ship as it also happens to be the best way to see its attractions!

Cruise Departure and Arrival Ports
There are two significantly different options for choice of departure and arrival port, determining the area visited on the cruise.

Ports of Call and Attractions
There are several coastlines and islands which are often visited by cruises due to their scenic splendor or wildlife viewing opportunities. Typically they are centred around either the Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea from the departure ports in South America, or the Ross Sea and the East Antarctic from the departure ports in Oceania.

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Antarctica Cruise Excursions
Antarctica is a very special place, and it is also very extreme, so the chances to go off wandering are limited, and naturally there are no souvenir shops!

Antarctica Cruise Liners vs. Expedition Ships