Cape Royds • Shackleton's Hut

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Cape Royds, Antarctica
The rocky cape is located on the western tip of Ross Island and was named after Charles W.R Royds who was first lieutenant during the Discovery Expedition in 1901.

Shackleton's Hut
Cape Royds is the location of Ernest Shackleton’s hut which was built during the British Antarctic Expedition 1907 to 1909, which was also known as the Nimrod Expedition.

The hut was built at the base of the Mount Erubus Volcano and was where Shackleton and his team spent the winter in preparation for further explorations in the spring.

The hut was left in good order after Shackleton and his men left on their expedition and was not revisited again until the 1910 to 1913 expedition led by Scott where a former member of Shackleton's team re-visited the hut to gather a few supplies.

Shackleton’s Hut was listed on the World Monuments Watch List and has undergone careful restoration to preserve both the structure and contents for the future.

Visiting Shackleton’s Hut
The hut can be visited under under the careful supervision from an Antarctic Heritage Trust representative where you will be able to observe compact sleeping quarters, food stores, cooker and many other objects from the expedition.