The Great Church
Groote Kerk • Cape Town

From: Cape Town Travel Guide

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The Great Church, Cape Town, South Africa
The Great Church ( Groote Kerk) was founded around 1665 by the Governor Willem Adriaan van der Stel and was built by German architect Hermann Schutte.

Inside the church is a magnificent organ which was installed in the 1950's and has 5917 pipes making it the largest in the country.

There is a vaulted ceiling containing plaster rosettes from which chandeliers are hung.

The church's carved pulpit is also impressive and was carved by German born sculptor Anton Anreith, who was a soldier in the company's service and who's skills as a talented woodcarver, designer and sculptor have shaped several of Cape Town's other building's.

There are guided tours of the church available on request.

Attraction Location Guide
The Great Church is situated in the city centre, within easy walking distance of Cape Town Railway Station.