St Georges Cathedral
Cape Town • South Africa

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St George's Cathedral, Cape Town, South Africa
This wonderful Cathedral is often called the "Peoples Cathedral" due to fact that the Cathedral was open to all during the apartheid era.

The Cathedral was built on the site of an existing church and contains beautiful stained glass windows showing various Apostles, Prophets, Martyrs and Saints with the central window depicting a triumphant Christ.

The Cathedral has 10 bells which are regularly rung in celebration of a wedding and every Sunday, and you can watch the bell ringers during their practice sessions which are held in the week.

The original church was opened in 1834 but it did not have a rector of its own until about 14 years later when Bishop Gray arrived. The Bishop was not happy with the Cathedral and set about creating a Cathedral more worthy of divine worship and the glory of God.

After a very long wait the first corner stone was laid in 1901 by the Duke of Cornwall which can be viewed from the bottom of the Avenue.

Attraction Location Guide
St George's Cathedral is a short walk from main train and bus terminal in Cape Town.