Cape Town Minstrel Carnival
Kaapse Klopse

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The Cape Town Minstrel Carnival
The eagerly awaited Cape Town Minstrel Carnival (Kaapse Klopse) is a vibrant and energetic affair that includes plenty of music, parades and dancing from colourfully decorated minstrels who parade around Cape Town's streets.

The musical street parades and performances date back to around the 1800's and was also commonly known as the Coon Carnival which dates back to the days when large numbers of minstrel entertainers would arrive on ocean liners and dock at Cape Town, as well as marking the time of slavery in Cape Town when January the 2nd traditionally marked the original inhabitants one day off a year and who would take to the streets visiting friends, singing, dancing and generally merrymaking.

The event allows both individuals and troupes of minstrels to show off their traditional and modern music and dancing skills while wearing colourful costumes which often include matching umbrellas, top hats and painted faces.

There are competitions during the event which are often held at Green Point Stadium and are hotly contested by all those taking part providing plenty of entertainment for spectators.

Date Of The Cape Town Minstrel Carnival
The carnival often begins on New Years Day and continues on for a few days.

The event takes place throughout the heart of Cape Town.

Travel Guide
Many areas of Cape Town can be easily reached by public transport.