The Company's Garden
Cape Town • South Africa

From: Cape Town Travel Guide

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The Company's Garden, Cape Town, South Africa
The Company's garden was originally a vegetable and fruit garden which would have supplied the early colonists and was started by Jan van Riebeeck and his gardener Hendrick Boom in 1652.

The area is now a wonderful botanical garden and park which contains many exotic plants and trees as well as fountains, monuments, ponds, aviary, rose garden and a sundial which dates back to around 1782.

With the aid of a brochure, visitors to the gardens can stroll through at there own pace and discover all that the gardens have to offer, there are plenty of benches along the way to relax upon and take in the garden's magnificence as well as a wonderful view of Table Top Mountain in the distance.

Within the Company's garden you will discover a coffee shop and restaurant which is perfectly situated under some of the gardens exotic trees.

Attraction Location Guide
Company's Garden is situated at the top end of Adderley Street in the city centre.